Ambulance and Firefighters will have an Advantage over the Vehicles under Escort

May 4, 2017 12:15 PM

parliamentThe Commission for Traffic and Communications in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of BiH supported the Proposal on Amendments to the Law on the Basis of road traffic safety in BiH, which was proposed by PM from SBB Damir Arnaut, and which provides legal regulation of advantage of ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles in comparison to vehicles under escort.

“Giving priority to ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles sends the important message that the interests of our citizens, especially patients and those whose property in burning, come before local and foreign politicians in vehicles escorted by the police,” stated Arnaut.

Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH Ismir Jusko informed the members of the Commission that this ministry supports the idea that the law defines advantage of ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles in situations when it is possible.

“However, with the adaptation of this legislative proposal, it would be necessary to amend a series of laws and driver’s exam tests,” said Jusko.

He added that it is time for BiH to amend the laws on traffic and that the Ministry of Communications and Transport, following the practice of the EU, is working on the preparation of this law.



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