Ambulance Driver stopped a Man from jumping into Drina River

Driver of the Ambulance of the Healthcare Center in Foca, Miljan Pavlovic, stopped a 69-years old man from Sarajevo, whose initials are S.V., from jumping from the bridge into Drina River, as confirmed from the Healthcare Center.

Pavlovic saw a man who already went over the fence with one foot, who was planning to throw himself into the river around 11.30 p.m. when he was crossing over the South Bridge of Freedom at the entrance to Foca.

“I stopped the vehicle and shouted to wait, I ran, grabbed his hand, and there was also a guy with the bike passing by and he helped me to get him over the fence on the sidewalk,” said Pavlovic.

Doctor Igor Kapetanov said that the life story of this Sarajevan, who originates from Foca, is very sad and disturbing.

“It is a difficult life drama that lasts for years and that reached its peak with this act. He is seriously ill, his leg should be amputated, he said that he has nobody, nor the health insurance, and he came to this town, since he is originally from Foca, to kill himself in the place where his parents were buried,” noted Kapetanov.

He also added that the man who tried to commit suicide left a farewell letter and some other things on the bridge, so that they can identify him.

“I was especially touched by the fact that he wrapped some money around his healthy leg, so that we can bury him after we find him,” said Kapetanov.

(Source: klix.ba)





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