Ambassador of Pakistan awarded Haris Silajdzic with the one of the Highest Acknowledges

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Bosnia and Herzegovina Salim Nawaz handed over one of the most important acknowledgments given by Pakistan “Sitara-i-Pakistan” (Star of Pakistan) to Haris Silajdzic.

The President of Pakistan has decided to award this award to Silajdzic, appreciating his efforts within international, regional and bilateral relations, and his contribution to creating brotherly relations between Pakistan and BiH, was stated during the solemn ceremony in BiH’s capital Sarajevo.

Haris Silajdzic entered the politics many years ago and has performed very important functions, including the function of Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, the Prime Minister of BiH in the 90s, and in the Dayton Peace Accords that ended the war in BiH Silajdzic participated as an extremely important member of BiH delegation.

Silajdzic expressed his gratitude to Pakistani president, government and noble people of Pakistan who, together with their leadership, helped BH in the toughest times, and saved lives of people.

“It is an aid that is uncommon and is only given on occasion when the life of the citizens of BiH and the state of BiH itself was endangered, and it is therefore the act of good people and the solidarity that we need today more than anyone ever in the world”, Silajdzic highlighted during his speech.

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