Ambassador of Great Britain to B&H: Do Everything so that Children Can Return to School

nigel-casey-Ambassador of Great Britain to B&H Nigel Casey told to Fena that everything should be done so that a pragmatic solution can be found between RS representatives and parents of Bosniak children in the RS, who have not been attending school since the start of this school year because they do not have access to ‘national subjects’.

‘’We are doing what we can so that the sides can meet, get closer and find a pragmatic solution so that children could return to school as soon as possible’’, said Casey, who hopes that a solution will be found this week.

He agrees that this problem is lasting too long and that the interest of the children is forgotten, and that children should be at the core of this issue.

‘’Unfortunately, this issue is politicized, and this does not help find a solution’’, said the British Ambassador.

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