Ambassador of B&H: The Victims of Shooting in Berlin are our Citizens

December 28, 2015 11:45 AM

Attack in Berlin districtOne B&H citizen was killed and three were wounded in a shooting that took place on Saturday, December 26th , in Berlin, in town district Wedding. No one has been arrested, and police is searching for the attacker.

We do not have official information from German authorities. Everything we know at this point refers to the information we have obtained from media and our people who live here. However, we can confirm that victims are B&H citizens of Roma nationality who have clashed last night. One died on the spot and three were hospitalized with injuries that are not life-threatening”, confirmed Željko Janjetović , B&H Ambassador to Germany, for Faktor.

Motives behind the attack as still unknown, and media are speculating the conflict between two families was the reason for the attack. Berliner Zeitung says that injured persons are 56, 44 and 36 years old. Two of them have stab wounds and one has gunshot wound in the stomach.

The men were leaving the apartment and were heading toward the car when they were attacked.

The attacker escaped in a black BMW.



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