Ambassador Makarevic: I want BiH to be active in Norway during my Mandate

October 21, 2017 7:45 AM

Ambassador Makarevic left BiH already at the beginning of the month and he conducted all consular procedures related to appointment to a new function of the ambassador of BiH in Norway. The King of Norway Harald V has already signed the agreement for Makarevic, who will cover Island as non-resident ambassador, besides Norway.

He was the ambassador of BiH in Pakistan since 2013 and Afghanistan since 2014, and he says that Pakistan, where he was the ambassador until now, significantly differs from Norway and the way of life in Scandinavia.

“Norway is a completely different story in comparison to Pakistan. It is a country that declared to have more than billion USD in its pension fund just one month ago, which means that for every Norwegian (around 5 million of them), belongs almost 200.000 USD per capita, which represents a very high level. We have to be focused on what we can offer to Norwegians. Those are services in the field of wooden industry, workforce, and there is even the large potential for agro products since they are focused on organic diet,” said Ambassador Makarevic.

According to him, BiH can offer its touristic beauty to Norwegians and introduced them with our domestic content.

“Norwegians, for example, are visiting our country over Dubrovnik. They come to Croatia, stop by in Mostar and then they return home. They should be introduced with our touristic potentials. Norway is the country that gives 1 % of its GDP as a non-refundable aid to developing countries or those in need. I would like as big part of that 1 % as possible to go to BiH,” explained Ambassador Makarevic.

On the question what will he do during his mandate in Norway, Makarevic noted that duties of one ambassador are quite clear.

“He has to be active in bilateral and multilateral relations, to work with our diaspora, to try to present BiH in the best way possible. That practically means that he has to put it on the map towards other countries, take special care for the trade exchange to be increased and to achieve improvements in the cultural and educational sense. I should officially take the duty of the ambassador of BiH on November 1, and my mandate in Norway should officially start then,” said Makarevic.



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