Ambassador Cormack to stay in BiH?

cormackAfter the newly elected U.S. president Donald Trump ordered all ambassadors appointed by the former president Barrack Obama to withdraw by his inauguration on January 20, according to The New York Times, a question arises whether this means that the ambassador to BiH will change or not.

However, the Ambassador Maureen Elizabeth Cormack, who has proven herself with her strong devotion to diminishing the divisions in BiH and affirmation of the fight against corruption and radicalism, is staying in BiH because the invitation of president Trump does not refer to her.

Namely, Trump’s call was addressed to “politically appointed ambassadors”, while the Ambassador Cormack is a diplomat. In addition, BiH is not on such a level that the ambassador positions are filled politically.

According to The New York Times, Trump’s decision caused rage in the State Department because that is a precedent in the former practices. The Ambassador Cormack arrived in BIH on January 13, 2015.

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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