Amazing Continuation of the Story of the Miner that sells Jams to save His Wife

mustafa_alajmovicAfter the story of Mustafa Alajmovic, the miner from Breza who makes and sells jams to save his wife and thereby feed the poor, delighted BH public exactly two months ago, this humanitarian worker has become an inspiration to many social networks.

The courage of a man whose family faced major problems, who allocated from the money that he collected for treatment of his wife for other people who need help too, inspired many people to become involved in humanitarian work and help Mustafa. All of this influenced consciousness of this miner, who has now become a real brand of humanity and helps many members of BH society in need.

“Everything started from the photo of me where I was selling jams on the market Autopijaca. Those who know me in my town know that I was always like that, but many things changed this time because of the humanity of others. I raised the money for Zehra’s treatment, and I even managed to return the car and things I sold to raise the money, and that encouraged me to help others,” said Mustafa.

Following his profile on social networks in recent months, we have seen that he donated things to people who were in need like he was, and he donated computers to children without parents, money, and even a car. He soon became a member of the humanitarian association Hedija, thus inspiring many other people to get involved in humanitarian work.

“That feeling when you do not have anything to give to your children to eat, when your children are hungry of some ordinary little things and when I see my wife that I cannot help, then the good Lord sent a good human being who helped me, made me realize that I can help to many people. I decided to share what I have because there are some other people besides Zehra and Mustafa,”  said this brave miner from Breza, adding that he recently got a car and money for registration, but he gave it to other people, paying special attention to children without parents.

All this led to the invitation to become an activist of humanitarian organization Hedija, which helps orphan children and which accepted Mustafa as a kind of inspiration for all the members of this association, those present and future.

“I’m an activist of association Hedija, so I am trying to do as much good as possible through that association. But kind of person would I be if, let’s say, I kept the laptop that I got, but I already have a computer. I could sell it, but that would bother me later, and the happiness and satisfaction that I felt after giving it is indescribable,” said Mustafa.

His wife, for whose treatment he is collecting money, is still in pretty bad condition and there is still the final stage of treatment ahead of her in order to be fully cured, but the whole family Alajmovic is not giving up on their mission.

“To allocate part of my time is the least what I can do and donate one thing that I have to others is all I can do, and I wish I could do more. However, I know that somewhere there are people who can give a lot more and I invite them to do so because maybe their small gift will mean a whole world to someone,” concluded Mustafa.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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