Alves: Welcome and Enjoy the Games

brazilski-ambasador-Jose-Augusto-Lindgren-AlvesThe Ambassador of Brazil to B&H Jose Augusto Lindgren Alves and the staff of the Embassy of Brazil welcomed the arrival of the B&H team to the World Cup in football next year, and congratulated all the players and coach Safet Sušić.

Ambassador Alves said that he watched the decisive match between B&H and Lithuania on Tuesday on the streets of Sarajevo, and was at the celebrations and felt the emotions.

He saw that many fans carried Brazilian flags, and some of them, when they saw the Brazilian Ambassador, wanted to hug him.

Commenting on this great sporting success, the Ambassador said that he thinks what has already been said by all analysts: that B&H needs something positive like this, an event that includes people who live in all parts of the country, to unite them in achieving this goal.

When it comes to the departure of B&H fans next year to Brazil, Ambassador Alves said that B&H is not only geographically far from B&H, which makes it expensive, but that also Brazil is an expensive country, at least two to three times more than in B&H.

On the other hand, he emphasized that Brazilians are very pleasant and open to foreigners and that they will probably be surprised to see people from B&H, but that they will certainly be treated as friends.

‘’Welcome and enjoy the games’’, said Ambassador Alves.

(Source: Fena)

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