Aluminum Carpentry from Slatina on Dutch Markets

August 27, 2017 12:00 PM

In the village Sela, 17 kilometers from Srebrenica, aluminum carpentry is being produced and exported to the Netherlands. Expanding the production is in the plan.

When he returned to his village in 2003, Azmir Durmic with three children and a wife, fixed up his property, fixed his home and wanted to produce aluminum carpentry.

“When I toured several producers, the prices were too high so I returned to the Netherlands, where I bought the machinery and made a deal which nearly covered all of my expenses,” Azmir said.

“When he saw that there was a market for that, he began producing carpentry, according to European standards, and quickly developed his business, namely expanded his offer to the country in which he lives.

“Sometimes I returned to my village where I started production, prepared the carpentry and drove it back to the Netherlands,” he said.

After the war in 1996, Asmir left for the Netherlands where he waited for papers five years and in the meantime worked various jobs so he in 2004 start his own business as a locksmith.

He registered a firm in Srebrenica called Dinar Srebrenica, but there are no employees. The goal is to expand production and find potential investors.

“A few years ago, I was looking at the hall of Feros since there were a couple of machines which I needed, but I gave up on that. My wish is to work on that here in Slatina in an open production facility, where I could employ up to 70 people from this and surrounding villages so people don’t have to travel to Potocare and could return to their own,” he says.

His workshop is equipped and he puts the carpentry together there, made up of materials purchased in Vlasenica and exports to the Netherlands, where he earns a 100% profit.



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