Alumina and Coal Mine Banovici signed a contract worth 29 million BAM

Representatives of company Alumina from Zvornik and Coal Mine “Banovici”, signed a contract on business cooperation for the year of 2018, whose value is estimated at around 29 million BAM.

According to the contract, Coal Mine “Banovici” will deliver about 200,000 tons of coal for the work of Alumina next year, which is about 30 % more than its delivery in 2017.

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the Coal Mine “Banovici” so far. It is very important for us to have coal supply at a needed time and at reasonable prices because we are a large user of coal,” said the president of the Managing Board of Alumina, Milorad Motika, who also added that the factory uses two boilers on solid fuel-coal in its process of work.

Director of Coal Mine “Banovici” Munever Cergic stated that Alumina is a very important consumer for the Coal Mine “Banovici”, and the second largest buyer after Elektroprivreda BiH, and he also noted that the process of signing of this contract is very important for the entire BiH, because these are domestic resources.


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