Alpinist from Tuzla conquered One of the Most Dangerous Peaks of the World

expeditionMountaineer from Tuzla, Miladinka Mima Vasic, made her dream come true, by conquering Matterhorn peak in Switzerland on 4,478 meters above sea level, and she is the only woman from BiH who managed to do that.

According to her, Matterhorn means “mother of all horns” and it carries this name for a good reason. She emphasized that it is one of the most dangerous peaks and the 5th in the world in mortality, while Everest is on the 9th place.

On the expedition went her friends Tomislav Cvitanusic, Ismir Jusko, Armin Skandric and she. They set off in late August, and the ascent and descent lasted for 22 hours.

“During the climb, as well as at the very top, the emotions were mixed, from happiness, joy, admiring the mountain, to uncertainty and fear of returning and entering the night,” said Vasic.

She said that the preparations for this adventure were exhausting, because climbing on the Matterhorn require great physical strength and skills.

“I was the only woman between the three men. I could not compare with them when it comes to physical strength, but I did not feel that I was in a different position than them. All four of us were equal, and I owe gratitude to the three of them, without which I would not have succeeded,” she emphasized.

So far, Vasic won many peaks in BiH and the region, such as Maglic, peaks of Prenj, Bjelasnica, Vranica, Cvrsnica, Prokletije in Albania, the peaks of Durmitor, Triglav in Slovenia, Grand Paradiso in Italy and peaks of Styrian Alps.

She says she is planning more, because European peaks are the ones that invite climbers with their beauty, but nevertheless, she believes that there are mountains in BiH that are beautiful and have to be visited.


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