“Almy“ Zenica to launch a Factory of Paints and Varnishes in Zavidovici soon

BaumyLaunching of the new factory of paints and varnishes, that will produce under the domestic brand called “Baumy“ is expected soon.

Namely, Almy company from Zenica, at 27th April last year, realized the idea to start with the production of the product range of color and facades, and powder products in its units in the Industrial zone in Zavidovici.

After one year of successful work of the first Baumy factory, opening of the factory of oil paints and varnishes is expected soon at the same locality.

They expanded their original idea to produce for needs of their own operations, intending to exploit potentials of their own retail network. In the existing factory of powder products “Baumy“ in Zavidovici, which is equipped with most modern equipment and machines, today work around 20 workers. They are currently producing around 20 products of European quality. Production is completely automatized and all products are certified.

“The main goal of our company is development and opening of new workplaces. Therefore, in the last year, we employed 20 new workers in the newly opened factory of paints, facades and powder products under the brand Baumy. We are pleased to say that we are continuing through the way of success this year as well, by he building of the new factory for production of paints for metal and sadolin for wood, also under the brand Baumy, which will ensure more workplaces in Zavidovici“, said Alen Seferovic, Head of Marketing in Almy Zenica.

The only such company in Central BiH is proof that import does not always means quality. With the quality before all, they succeeded for a short time to create a famous brand Baumy and entered to all bigger bau centers in BiH. As one more confirmation of the quality, they are awarded for the collection of powder products, glues and mortars from brand Baumy at last year’s General BH fair ZEPS 2014.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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