Almost 3 million BAM for Investment in Infrastructure in Visegrad

Mayor of the Municipality of Visegrad, Mladen Djurevic, said that this year’s investments in the infrastructure amount to three million BAM, and one of the most important projects that is in the process of realization is the construction of embankment near the stadium and the construction of a sports hall, whose value amounts to almost 600,000 BAM.

He also added that funds for two smaller children’s playgrounds were planned as well, and one of them will be located in the city center and the other in the settlement of Podgreben.

“We allocated funds for continuation of the construction of rural water supply systems, reparation of façades in the city center, replacement of seats in the Cultural Center and continuation of realization of street lighting in many parts of our municipality,” said Djurevic.

He also added that the tender documentation for the reconstruction of the main street should be completed this year, and it is planned to replace the water supply, sewage and electrical installations, as well as asphalt in the main and nearby streets.

He also noted that the road will be connected with Andricgrad this year, and they are also planning to plant trees on the left side of Drina River, on the section from Cuprija to New Bridge.

Djurevic noted that the municipality received great assistance from the Government of the RS and the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the aforementioned projects.


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