Almost 100,000 Tourists visited FB&H in August, which is 25% more than Last Year

touristsMore than 96,000 tourists visited FB&H in August 2015, which is 25.3 % more than in August 2014. Participation of domestic tourists was 16.1 % and foreigners 83.9 %, as stated by the Federal Bureau for Statistics.

Tourism in B&H is in such expansion that now it is practically difficult to even try to stop it.  In the last 3 years, our country was on the front pages of the world magazines, which ranked BH natural beauty among the most beautiful in the world. National Geographic ranked B&H among the top 10 destinations for mountain biking in 2012. In the same year, this world magazine declared rafting on 3 rivers in B&H as life adventure, and only 2 years later, same magazine ranked Sarajevo as one of the top destinations in the world.

The Guardian also wrote about the natural beauty of B&H in 2010. The Huffington Post ranked B&H as one of the top 10 destinations that are most acceptably priced for the average tourist.

The number of staying nights of tourists also increased in August this year, according to data from the Federal Agency for Statistics. More than 233,600 tourists spend the night in one of the cities of B&H, which is 45.3 % more than in August last year. Tourists usually stay at hotels, explained the Agency. Most of the tourists who visited FB&H in August came from Italy, Poland, Turkey, Kuwait, France etc.

Experts in tourism are estimating that B&H has two world touristic phenomenon: Medjugorje and Pyramids in Visoko. If we consider rivers, mountains, lakes and beautiful cities in B&H, as well as delicious and cheap food, tourism can bring hundreds of millions of BAM to our country every year.


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