Almina Haskic, IT Engineer from BiH who develops the Application for NASA’s Smart Glasses

Almina_HaskicNASAAlmina Haskic enjoys her work and the whole world will talk about her projects very soon.

Almina was born in Vitez, and she graduated from the Faculty of Information Technologies in Mostar. She is working in Symphony for three years now on the Android mobile applications.

“I am working on Osterhout Design Group (ODG) project from my very first day here. The ODG is one of our clients from San Francisco and one of the pioneers when it comes to the production of smart glasses. NASA and ODG will collaborate on a project that should include the use of smart glasses in the activities of NASA on the Earth and in the space,” revealed Haskic.

“Our job in Symphony is the development of Android applications for glasses, and we have developed more than fifteen applications for smart glasses. We, among other things, are working on the standard Android applications such as cameras, email, navigation, web browser, as well as some demo applications for augmented reality. We are currently working on the implementation of a new system for management of the glasses that is based on monitoring with the movement of the head. The best thing about this project is that we always work on the improvement of applications and the options offeref by ODG smart glasses.”

As the successful woman in the world of IT, Haskic noted that majority of people are familiar with the fact that the number of female engineers compared to male engineers is considerably smaller, especially in BiH.

“Unfortunately, we still have those stereotypes about the traditional male or female occupations, and even when a woman is dealing with the classic “male occupation”, the last thing that is expected from her is to work on projects and activities such as those that I am working on.

Gadgets and hardware are “typically male” side of this job, and I often witnessed the conversation about women in IT where the main assumption about us is that we are working in the department of design, and not in the department of software development. I’m trying to break this prejudice by being a woman in IT, recreational athlete and a woman that manages to be – a woman,” concluded young IT engineer, Almina Haskic.

Almina is using her free time for running, and she lives for the past ten years with her “best friend” – diabetes.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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