All Preparatory Disinfection Measures for Football Matches carried out in Zenica

All preparatory disinfection measures for football matches in Zenica were carried out, which was realized in cooperation with the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Institute for Health and Food Safety Zenica, the institute stated in the press release on Sunday.

In addition to disinfection, solid waste was removed, and floor surfaces were washed. A total of 23 key locations and areas on Bilino polje and the Crkvice Training Camp were treated, on Thursday and Friday in Crkvice and on Sunday on Bilino Polje, which will be done today as well.

The Institute points out that the epidemiological preparation of the locker rooms, tunnels, corridors, halls and points of contact on the fields themselves was performed as professionally as possible, according to the highest EU standards.

At a time of pandemic and danger from the new coronavirus COVID-19, one of the most affected areas of human life are sports competitions.

After the initial cancellation of all sports meetings, international and local sports organizations have undertaken the development of plans for the gradual return of sports to the field, with maximum protection of athletes and other actors.

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