All Conditions met for Block 7 Tuzla Thermal Power Plant Construction

The House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina supported by a convincing majority the proposed decision that the Federation be a guarantee for Elektroprivreda BiH’s credit to the bank of China loan of 614 million euros for the planned construction of Block 7 of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant.

Since the earlier decision was supported by the House of Representatives, conditions were created for the realization of the project for which the advocates of the decision stated that it was of public interest and of an immense importance.

Mirko Šarović, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations at the Council of Ministers of BiH, said that the new unit in the Tuzla coal power plant will be built regardless of the procedures launched by the Secretariat.

The minister more or less repeated what was said by FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić after the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FBiH supported the investment.

Earlier, the Energy Community Secretariat has sent an Opening Letter to Bosnia and Herzegovina for non-compliance with the state aid acquis regarding the Tuzla 7 project, in what is the first step in the dispute settlement procedure.

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