All about Arab Tourists in BiH: how long they stay, how much they spent

arabs in BiHEvery year, the number of tourist from Arab countries who come to BiH is significantly increasing. Tourist offer of BiH is increasingly adapting to these tourists, and those who are familiar with the “business with Arabs“ said that they are one of the most rewarding guests.

Tourists from Arab countries spend nearly 300 BAM per day, without the accommodation costs. They spend money on food as well, and their priority is Bosnian food – cevapi, pie, roasted meals and other traditional meals. They also buy souvenirs, especially coffee sets, different products engraved with motives of BiH and its citizens, wool products etc.

According to data of the Tourist community of Canton Sarajevo, the most of tourists come from Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. When it comes to the tourists from Saudi Arabia, their number is not negligible, but the significant problem is that they need visa to enter BiH. At the end, there are also some tourist from Bahrein, but their number is negligible.

According to the words of our interlocutors, natural beauties of our country are especially attractive for Arabs.

Also, inevitable destinations are Sarajevo, i.e. the old part of the city with Bascarsija, but also Vrelo Bosne and Olympic mountains. After Sarajevo, Arab tourist visit Konjic, Mostar, Pocitelj, Kravice, Travnik, Jajce, Bihac and Prokosko jezero.



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