Alen Muratović Practices Pool for Eight Hours a Day

billiardYoung B&H billiards player Alen Muratović won the bronze medal at the European Championships for cadets and juniors, which was completed in early August in Sarajevo.

The 17 year old billiards player achieved the best junior result in the region.

He is already written in the history of B&H as the first billiards player that won a medal at the European Championship. He attributes his success to hours of training and the unconditional support of coach Senad Pehlivanović, who accompanied him and offered him advice during the entire championship.

“Billiards is a good sport that I would recommend to everyone. There are six billiard clubs in Sarajevo. Sport includes a lot of training and socializing, and it definitely is not cheap. To purchase billiards equipment, around 3.000 euros is needed, but excellent quality equipment could be even more expensive’’, said Muratović.

In addition to the state championships in B&H, in the next period he expects to start preparing for Eurotour, which will be held in Cyprus in two months.


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