Alen Muhic’s Biological Mother wants to meet Him

Alen MuhicThe story of Alen Muhic, a child of a raped mother got a reversal. Alen’s bilogical mother, who has been raped and expelled from Foca, and now lives in the USA, expressed a desire to meet her son.

After 22 years, biological mother expressed a desire and willingness to meet with her son whom she left in the war in ’93.

After the premiere of a documentary film “Pit of an invisible child“, directed by Semsudin Gegic, about the fate of Alen Muhic, Alen’s biological mother contacted Gegic.

“We know each other since war, when she gave birth to him, left him and came to Sarajevo from Gorazde. She is now in the USA. She read the information about the premiere and all that happened. We talked on the phone and she expressed her desire and determination to meet with her biological son“, told Gegic.

He reminded her that they wanted to record that scene as we, scene of the first meeting of mother and son, and she said that it is not a problem if she solve some legal obstacles, because she is in the system of protected witnesses. According to Gegic’s saying, mother said that she didn’t even know that Alen has been searching for her until she read it in newspapers.

“I hope that meeting of Alen and his biological mother will happen soon“, said Gegic.

Alen is 21 years old today. He lives in Gorazde and works as a nurse at the same hospital where he was born.

(Source: fokus.ba/ Photo: tuzlanski.ba)

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