Aleksandra Klačar Won the World Competition Miss FashionTV Model Awards

aleksandra_klacar_mis_fashion_modelUnder the organization of FashionTV channel, Miss FashionTV Model Awards was held on 30 June on Cyprus. At this global competition, 60 girls participated, among which was Aleksandra Klačar and Marina Plakalović from Pale.

Aleksandra won the competition, and was followed by runner-up Cristine Elena from Romania and then Melise Alagoz from Turkey.

The award for ‘Most Liked” was given to Lenka Josefiova from the Czech Republic, “Scan Me” (telephone voting) was given to Gisele Reinberg from the US and the award for Rocks Hotel to Casina Marta Gonzalez Liriano from the Dominican Republic.

(Source of Article and Photo: palelive.com)

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