Aleksandar Vucic: Serbia was attacked by both Sarajevo and Presidency Member Milorad Dodik


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated on Saturday that it is impossible to abolish Republika Srpska contrary to the will of the Serbian people and that Serbia cannot accept it.

“This can happen if it is the will of the Serbian people. Contrary to the will of the Serbian people to abolish Republika Srpska, Serbia cannot accept,” Vucic said during the press conference in Belgrade.

Vucic noted that Serbia was attacked by both Sarajevo and Serbian Presidency member Milorad Dodik because of the way in which Republika Srpska was mentioned in the proposal of the Strategy for Defense and National Security of Serbia.

“We were also attacked by Dodik yesterday. They (Sarajevo) attacked us because we mention Republika Srpska, which is our international legal obligation under the Dayton Agreement, and Dodik said, ‘And what about BiH?’, If you understood the meaning of his words. He even said, “We will seek to get BiH out of this,” Vucic added.

He emphasized that while doing so, Serbia was only doing its job, complying with the Dayton Peace Treaty and stating that it was within BiH to preserve Republika Srpska. Vucic added that in Serbia they remain silent about the insults coming from Sarajevo, especially when stating that Kosovo is an independent state for them.

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