Alarming Number of People leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina every day


The Association of Drama Artists “ALT Theater” from Sarajevo marked the International Youth Day with the performance in Omladinska Street in Gorazde, but also six more cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The event was organized under the symbolic name “And where do you go?”, in order to draw attention to the trend of young people leaving smaller cities of BiH, but also the whole country.

”And we wonder where do young people go, where they want to go, how they want to see this society and this country. Young people leave because of the lack of opportunities in their local communities, the impossibility of employment in their profession… I know from personal experience that out of 27 students from the class of my generation, more than half stayed in Sarajevo after their studies. They do not want to come back, although they cannot find a job in their profession in Sarajevo, they stay there because of the better quality of life, and more cultural and social contents,” said Aldin Dzananovic, project coordinator, Avaz news portal reports.

He adds that the only way to change current trends is for young people to take destiny into their own hands, and not to expect someone else to do it, and also to fight for what they lack on their own.

On the occasion of the International Youth Day, the Ministry of Education, Youth, Science, Culture, and Sports of the Bosnian – Podrinje Canton (BPC) organized an open-air forum “Youth Ask”, and also a meeting was held on the occasion of the establishment of the Youth Cultural Center in Gorazde.

The Youth Volunteer Service, in cooperation with the organization “World Vision”, organized an exhibition of art works by children up to 12 years on the topic “Solidarity during the pandemic in Gorazde”.

The best young authors were awarded. 43 works applied at the previously announced competition, and all participants received appreciation letters.

More and more people are leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina, (BiH) and the real exodus is expected in the coming years as the European Union countries open their markets.

It is widely known that Europe lacks workforce, making the entrance of workers increasingly easier. On the other hand, people in BiH have a strong desire to go and to work in one of the EU member states.

Gallup’s research reveals the number of people in BiH who want to move and this is definitely the biggest alarm for the local authorities, BiznisInfo writes.

According to the research, 32 percent of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to leave the country.

The percentage of the highly educated population who wants to leave BiH is as much as 40 percent. But what is particularly worrying is that 57 percent of young people, aged 15 to 29, want to leave BiH.

This means that if all the young people who wanted to leave from BiH actually leave, the population of our country, in the long run, would be more than halved.

According to a Gallup survey, which has covered nearly half a million people in 152 countries, BiH is 6th worst state in the world when it comes to the population who want to leave. In the first place is Sierra Leone from which 78% of young people want to leave, followed by Liberia, Haiti, El Salvador, Nigeria,  etc.

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