Ajanovic: More repressive Measures will have to be considered

Director of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, Anis Ajdinovic, stated that more repressive measures will have to be considered, especially for those economic entities that do not adhere to the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus imposed by the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters.

Ajdinovic told N1 that there are more and more irresponsible individuals, but that the inspection bodies have not relaxed, Srna news agency reports.

“When mitigation measures were adopted, we emphasized that we will not be repressive. We counted on the awareness of citizens and employers, who will adhere to measures that are not difficult. There is an increasing number of irresponsible individuals,” Ajdinovic pointed out.

He believes that it is justified that citizens of the European Union will not be able to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina until July 1.

Ajdinovic appealed to the younger population to adhere to the measures, because the coronavirus can be transmitted to older citizens, who are a critical category.

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