Air Three Air Tractors from Montenegro extinguishing Wildfire in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Three air tractors from Montenegro are extinguishing on Saturday a furious fire in a pine forest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Firefighters and locals all night defended family homes in the inhabited village of Ovcari, Klix.ba news portal reports.

”This is not the only fire in Konjic, but it is one of the seven active ones that was the biggest threat to single-family home. I don’t know what would be if the held did not arrive on time. Our complete fire unit has been in the field for days, I don’t know where people get more power from, some of them have never slept at all, ” Hodic says.

Along with the firefighters, he said, the fires were also being extinguished by locals and volunteers, who, from urban areas also arrived to defend the family homes.



”This fire is currently being controlled with the help of an Air Tractor from Montenegro, says Hodzic, pleased with the current situation on the ground However, as he points out, when the help from the air is done, then the new job is before the firefighters, because it is impossible to completely extinguish the fire.


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