Air-Taxi to Italy, Dubrovnik and Tirana-Banja Luka Airport on Cross-Border Project “Adria Air”

slikacitavaAir-taxi could be an option for travel if the project ‘Adria Air’ (Airport Security and Air Taxi Network in the Adriatic), worth more than 1,5 million Euros meets all its goals and offers travelers a new service. The Banja Luka Airport is a part of this international project, which is financed by the EU from the IPA funds of cross-border cooperation, and includes that airports in Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Pula, the Italian province of Ravena, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana and University Bologna. The leading partner is the Italian province Forli-Cesena, and participant from BiH is the Local Initiative Development of Evolucija (LIR Evolucija), which presented this project in Banja Luka recently.

Slaviša Jelisić from LIR said to that with this project, they wish to examine and check all market potentials of the Banja Luka airport, to enter into cooperation with the rest of the participants in order to exchange experience and knowledge and strengthen and modernize airport infrastructure.

According to him, LIR has enough experience and expertise to participate in this project, which is fully compliant with the strategy of the RS government and needs of the airport. He said that there are more opportunities to improve the work of the Banja Luka airport, and that with this idea much can be done.

Project ‘Adria Air’, which will last two years, will draw attention as to why an airline company should establish flights to Banja Luka.

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