Air Pollution in Sarajevo reduced on Sunday

air-quality-appJudging by the data coming from measuring stations in the Sarajevo Canton, the level of polluting particles reduced yesterday and thus the air quality improved, said the expert in air quality Martin Tais.

According to Tais, almost all measuring stations registered the reduction of air pollution. Thus, the measuring station Otoka yesterday registered 320 micrograms of dust per cubic meter, measuring station Ilidža registered 299, while the measuring station City Hall registered 495.

“The measuring station City Hall measured 495 micrograms of dust per cubic meter. That is still a lot, but the situation on other measuring stations is different. Measuring station Otoka and mobile measuring station Ilidža registered around 300 micrograms of dust per cubic meter, and measuring station Ivan Sedlo registered 80. It is important to mention the direction of the wind, which currently blows from the northwest. Namely, the western winds in the afternoon hours push the dust from Otoka and Center towards the City Hall and that is the natural flow of air,” Tais explained.

When data from Sunday is compared with data from Saturday, it is evident that the number of polluting particles in the air reduced. Martin Tais claims that the even-uneven system already yields results.

Therefore, at 3 pm yesterday the measuring station Ilidža recorded 600 micrograms of dust per cubic meter, which is twice less than the day before.

“Generally speaking, it can be said that pollution has reduced, especially in Otoka and Ilidža. The air pollution reduced the most in central parts of the city,” said Tais.

According to the statement by the Public Health Institute of the Sarajevo Canton, indicators of polluting particles in the air at the territory of the Sarajevo Canton register the exceeding of the alert limit for the concentration of PM10 which turn on the third episode “Alert” (400 micrograms per cubic meter) according to the directives from the Plan of intervention measures in cases of increased air pollution in the Sarajevo Canton.

“Current values of particles PM10 are slowly decreasing. Forecast by the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute indicates stable weather conditions in the next 24 hours which are suitable for the maintenance of extremely high concentrations of particles in the air. In general, the situation is slowly improving when it comes to air quality. Average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide are also reducing gradually,” it was stated.

(Source: klix.ba)

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