Ahic: Stable Peace can only be achieved through the Doctrine of the Balance of Power

”We are witnesses that in post-conflict and post-war societies and states, and post-war areas where aggressor forces against the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina committed unprecedented crimes in modern human history, such as genocide in and around Srebrenica, joint criminal enterprise, and large-scale war crimes permanent and stable peace can only be achieved through the doctrine of balance of power,” said Jasmin Ahic, dean of the Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies at University of Sarajevo.

He pointed out that “the balance of power, which is the basic concept on which the Dayton Peace Agreement established peace and stability and then partial security in the regional sense, is actually a concept that puts certain conflicting parties in a balance of power, be it population, military or security “.

Ahic added that the imbalance in that segment in the last three years has been caused by the Republic of Serbia with its aspiration towards armament, towards open demonstration of power.

He pointed out that the hybrid war that is happening against the state of BiH has taken off until the fourth phase of its activities.

He added that stability and security in the Western Balkans has been significantly disrupted by such open and public armament of the Republic of Serbia since the championship of Russian centers of power, but also in one part and technological progress of the second strongest player in the world in geopolitical terms – the Republic of China – said Ahic.

He added that only through education and books can we achieve that BiH society and the state of BiH be strong so that they can always, regardless of the internal problem, resist any attack from those who have hostile intentions.

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