Agrokor’s Companies in BiH managed to preserve 85 % of Workplaces

Agrokor’s companies in BiH had a total of 4,255 employees in December 2016, so that after the affair that Agrokor and Konzum in BiH went through, they ended up having a total of 3,639 employees in October 2017. Therefore, this data shows that there was 616 employees less in Agrokor’s companies that are operating in BiH in 11 months, or around 15 %.

Although Agrokor in Croatia has undergone some major changes, their companies in BiH managed to preserve around 85 % of employees.

To recall, the Supervisory Board of Mercator confirmed the termination of the lease agreement on 83 shopping malls to Konzum in BiH on October 11, 2017.

Therefore, Konzum had 2,955 employees on August 31, 2017, while Mercator had 19 employees. Two months later, or on October 31, 2017, Konzum had a total of 1,940 employees while Mercator had 1,003, which means that employees of Konzum automatically became employees of Mercator after the termination of their contract.

On October 31, 2017, the largest employer among Agrokor’s companies in BiH was Konzum with a total of 1,940 employees, while Mercator had 1,003 employees at the time.




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