Agrokor denies selling the Konzum Stores in BiH

The Administration of Agrokor denied on Thursday the allegations of media in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that called on the European Supermarket Magazine, about selling the Konzum stores in BiH by this group.

“Konzum BiH does not withdraw from the market. According to the latest report of the extraordinary administration, the business of Konzum in BiH is stabilized. This company continues to work ,” the Agrokor administration said.

They said the indicators show the positive effects of the business repositioning of the Konzum in BiH, with an emphasis on even more affordable prices and available purchase in the neighborhood in the smaller formats.

“European Supermarket Magazine has announced that the compulsory administration of the Agrokor Group plans to sell Konzum stores in the territory of BiH, which was reported by a large number of media in BiH, “ Hina reports.

The magazine also said that, as part of the restructuring process, with the aim of avoiding bankruptcy, dozens of stores in Croatia would be closed in the last six months, and Konzum stores would be sold in BiH.

The Agrokor Administration confirmed that the company closed a smaller number of stores in Croatia.

“When it comes to Konzum in Croatia, this company has closed a smaller number of stores as an integral part of the restructuring process, with the aim of ensuring long-term sustainable and profitable business and also preserving jobs,” Agrokor stated.



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