Agreement signed on Reconstruction of 456 Family Homes for ethnic Croats in BiH

The authorities of the Republika Srpska (RS), the Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will earmark additional funds to complete the reconstruction of 456 family homes for ethnic Croats, it was said on Friday after a meeting of Croat representatives and the newly appointed director of the secretariat for displaced persons and migration.

A press release issued after the meeting in Banja Luka says that the director of the secretariat for displaced persons and migration, Dragan Štrbac, informed RS Vice President Josip Jerković (HDZ BiH) of several projects earmarked for Croat displaced persons.

Štrbac said that the secretariat was continuing the work of the Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons. He explained that permanent housing would be provided for a total of 456 Croat families within the framework of a regional housing programme. He added that Croat families would also be taken care of through other projects that were being financed by international donors as well as from the budget, Hina reports.

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