Agreement for the Project Telemetry in Water Supply Network in Bihać Signed

bihac_04The Mayor of Municipality Bihać Emdžad Galijašević signed an agreement today with directors of Public Company Vodovod and Resort center for water and environment Una Consulting Rasim Dervišević and Sandi Zulić to support the implementation of the project telemetry for water supply network in this municipality.

This project is linked to the final phase of implementation of the project Good Governance in the field of water and environmental protection (GOV-WADE) and telemetry system integration will enable continuous monitoring and analyses of water supply network.

The total value of this project is 12.000 BAM. Una consulting has provides 9.500 BAM and Vodovod has provided 2.500 BAM.

“The main goal is to reduce water loss in our network, which is now up to 50 percent. We have to reduce loss to 20 percent and in this way to reduce the electricity expenses”, said Galijašević.

Director Dervišević pointed out that the reduction of loss in water network is a priority of Vodovod and thanked Una Consulting for the excellent cooperation during the last period.

 (Source: Fena)

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