Agreement between BiH and Brazil regarding Tariffs for Poultry soon?

The minister of foreign affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Igor Crnadak talked with his Brazilian counterpart Alojzije Nunjes Fereira, who expressed his belief that the final agreement between Brazil and BiH on tariff quotas and tariffs for poultry will soon be reached, which is one of the last obstacles for BiH’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). During talks in Brazil on intensifying economic cooperation, Fereira expressed understanding for the great interest of BiH to become a member of the WTO as soon as possible.

During the first meeting of the ministers of the two countries, Crnadak and Fereira in the last seven years concluded that this visit will significantly contribute to the improvement of relations between BiH and Brazil, especially in the area of foreign trade and economy.

They noted at a meeting in Brazil that, regardless of the great geographical distance, there are significant potentials for further development of cooperation. Special emphasis was placed on the approach to the two free trade zones of CEFTE and Mercosur, made up of Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

In the part of the discussion on the bilateral relations between the two countries, it was concluded that they are good and friendly, and that both parties will make additional efforts to reach a number of new agreements and memorandums in the coming period, the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Memoranda of political consultations and international cooperation in the field of diplomatic training between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and BiH have been agreed and will be signed in Sarajevo, immediately after the completion of formal procedures in the institutions of BiH. At the meeting, it was agreed that Ferreira would visit BiH by the end of 2018.

Crnadak gave a lecture yesterday on the international position and strategic foreign policy goals of BiH at the Diplomatic Academy in Brazil at the Rio Branco Institute. During a discussion with the leadership of the Diplomatic Academy, it was agreed that in the next school year a young BiH diplomat would attend the advanced course of the Brazilian Diplomatic Academy.


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