What is agreed on the Regional Conference in Belgrade?

mladen ivanicThe countries of former Yugoslavia have the potential and interest for the creation of the touristic product, especially with the aim to attract tourists from China, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Canada and Australia, was pointed out on the regional conference held in Belgrade.

At the meeting, which was attended by the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Mladen Ivanic, was concluded that a special place in attracting tourists from distant countries has China as the most populous country whose citizens spent more than 200 billion dollars on tourism.

“Every country individually has an interest for a region to be in a better political environment, and as time goes on, we will have more votes together. This is particularly important in BiH because any tension have five times larger implications in BiH. Trust is the most important issue in BiH “Ivanic noted.

Rasim Ljaljic, the Minister of Trade and Tourism of Serbia, said that countries in the region should join together, creating a greater chance to attract Chinese, Japanese, Iranian and South Korean tourists. He highlighted that Serbia is the only European country which has a visa-free regime with China.

“However, for Serbia to act alone, it is very difficult,  we can only make a step forward if we join together with the countries of the former Yugoslavia in an attempt to attract more Chinese tourists,” Ljajic said.

He added that last year there was a change in the habits of Chinese tourists, who have been coming for shopping, but since last year, they are visiting Serbia and Bosnia for skiing. Moreover, he recalled that Serbia has, together with BiH, performed in China in the field of tourism with the project “Paths of Walter”.

The gathering was attended by representatives of tourism and chambers of commerce of Serbia, BiH, FBiH, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia.

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