What was agreed on the Meeting of Members of the Presidency of BiH with the Serbian President?

December 7, 2017 11:00 AM

After a meeting of members of the Presidency of BiH, Bakir Izetbegovic, Dragan Covic and Mladen Ivanic, with a delegation of Serbia led by the president Aleksandar Vucic, it was stated that long and difficult conversations were conducted on the topic of unresolved issues between the two countries.

“I would not describe our political relations as bad,” stated Serbian President Vucic, adding that there are things that need to be solved and that they discussed them at the meeting. He mentioned a series of trade exchange data between the two countries.

“Every year, our trade exchange amounts to 200 million EUR and it is recording an increase,” stated President Vucic at a press conference that was held after the meeting.

The Government of Serbia and the Council of Ministers of BiH managed to eliminate certain trade barriers in the previous period, as the President of Serbia recalled.

“The improvement of our friendly relations is very important. We talked about some infrastructure issues, such as the highway Belgrade-Sarajevo. Serbia expressed its clear position. This highway is important for connecting Bosniaks with a part that they call Sandzak and Serbs in Herzegovina, but primarily, Serbs and Bosniaks in general. We accepted the attitude of the Presidency of BiH that they have not reached a definitive decision on the route yet. We will wait for their final decision,” as noted by President Vucic.

At the press conference was also stated that BiH and Serbia will support each other on their international paths.

“These conversations were not easy, but we are not here to love each other, but to solve concrete problems. I hope that the next meeting will not be historic, and that we will manage to solve our problems,” stated Vucic.

(Source: factor.ba)


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