What was agreed at the Meeting of Coalition Leaders?

600_1479823839radoncic-izjaveAfter a meeting in the Presidency of BiH, President of SBB Fahrudin Radončić announced that leaders of parties of the ruling coalition in FBiH will meet again on Monday to express their priorities, and that after that they will organize a meeting with representative of legislative authority.

“Once again we discussed all the issues we talked about last year. I expect that we will start working faster and that this way of work will also spread onto the federal parliament. Objectively, in many issues the problem is in the agreement between SDA and HDZ BiH. It is important that they reach a compromise almost always or in 95 percent of cases, and SBB will support that. I sometimes feel like I am supporting the majority government here,” Radončić said.

According to Radončić, they discussed the Public Enterprise Autoceste FBiH, where the management has changed, and the laws which have not been adopted yet because of differing viewpoints. Radončić stated that the biggest problem for BiH is that it is on the black list of the European Banks Association and he believes it is a tragedy for the BiH economy.

“People do not understand that it is a tragedy for the economy of this country, that two billion BAM are sent by our people from the diaspora to their relatives here, and that the entire system will be blocked. That is why the Council of Ministers of BiH must make a general mobilization in order to take BiH off that list,” said Radončić.

When it comes to the implementation of the verdict in the case Sejdić-Finci, Radončić said that the agreement must be reached between SDA and HDZ BiH and that SBB will support it.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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