After two years of Renovation: Isa-beg Hamam in new Glow

isabegov-hamamThe opening ceremony of the hamam will be held in the second half of May within the traditional event Days of Waqf in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized by the Vakuf Directorate every fifth year.

Reconstruction of the Isa-beg hamam began two years ago, after which it was almost completely destroyed in the war. First, the site was cleared and the old partitions in the building demolished. It was then found that the partitions could not withstand the upgrade within the reconstruction, after which the extremely demanding construction work began.

Considering it is a national monument, regular supervision of all the works was conducted by the Federal Institute for Protection of Monuments. According to the reconstruction project, part of the hamam remained on site, but the left and right sides were turned into a hotel.

The hotel will have 19 rooms and two suites, and will be rented. All the furniture will be high standard, old Osman style.

hamam2The property is located on 817 square meters, and during the reconstruction the original facade was set, designed by Josip Vancaš. Decoration of the facade and purchase of ornamental lily took a lot of time, because some of the materials could not be obtained from B&H, but they were obtained from Turkey.

“Prolongation of the opening did not affect the price, and the total reconstruction investment will amount to 2,600,000 BAM,” said Zajimović.

The Vakuf Directorate of IC in B&H fulfilled all technical preparations for the project, supported the development of the main project from their own funds, collected the necessary documentation, as well as provided all the permits to start works. Work on the reconstruction of Isa-beg hamam is funded by the Directorate of Waqfs of the Republic of Turkey.


(Source: ekapija.ba)

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