After mitigation of Measures for Foreigners, Traffic at BiH Border Crossings significantly Increased

Traffic at the entrance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the first fifteen days of June increased by 44,051 passengers, or 9.39 percent compared to the same period last month.

In the period from 1 to 15 June, a total of 513,097 persons were registered at the entrance to BiH, of which 205,370 citizens of BiH, and 307,727 foreign citizens, while last month in the same period a total of 469,046 persons were registered, of which 193,663 citizens of BiH, and 275,383 foreign nationals, BiH Border Police spokeswoman Franka Vican confirmed for Fena news agency.

This is partly due to the easing of conditions for the entry of foreigners into BiH, so it is evident that the flow of people and vehicles at the Doljani Border Crossing has increased.
Most passengers who enter Bosnia and Herzegovina at this crossing are informed about the conditions of entry through electronic media and portals, mostly everyone knows the regulations and there are no major problems, but there are some who want to transit and this can create a problem.

When leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina, the competent police authorities of the Republic of Croatia check the conditions of our citizens' entry into the Republic of Croatia and, in accordance with their regulations and European Union regulations, allow or do not allow them to enter Croatia.

BiH Border Police officers warn people every day about the obligations they must fulfill in order to enter or leave Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina whose final destination is Neum, and who travel through the transit area of ​​the Republic of Croatia, are allowed to transit, provided they have some proof of booking accommodation or similar.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Ministry of Security, unanimously passed the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Prescribing Additional Conditions for Entry of Foreigners into Bosnia and Herzegovina, which aims to simplify entry of foreigners, avoid endangering the health of citizens and preserve the economy in BiH. 

Amendments to the Decision stipulate that foreigners may enter BiH if they present a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 virus at the border crossing, not older than 48 hours if they come from European countries, and if they come from other countries, tests that are not older than 72 hours until arrival
 at the BiH border crossing. Also, the entry of foreigners into BiH was approved with the presented confirmation that the vaccination with two doses of vaccine against Covid-19 was completed at least 14 days before arrival at the border crossing, ie that the person was vaccinated with one dose 14 days or more before arrival at the border crossing, if it is a single dose vaccine. 

A foreigner is also allowed to enter BiH with a doctor’s certificate that he has overcome the Covid-19 disease in the period from 14 to 180 days, before arriving at the BiH border crossing. Without fulfilling these measures, children up to the age of seven can enter BiH, accompanied by a parent or guardian who has one of the four required proofs, as well as foreigners with approved temporary or permanent residence in BiH, if they return to Bosnia and Herzegovina after leaving and stay only in Montenegro, the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia, provided that the total stay in these countries did not last longer than 48 hours from leaving the territory of BiH, as evidenced by the imprint of the exit or entry stamp in the foreigner’s travel document. 

Also, without fulfilling these measures, foreigners, citizens of the Republic of Turkey who cross the BiH border every day to perform works on the construction of the Raca bridge within the construction of the Sarajevo-Belgrade-Sarajevo highway can enter, according to the list of persons to be submitted by the BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport. 

To remind you that the previous provisions remain in force, which, among other things, allow citizens of neighboring countries of Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro to enter BiH without presenting a PCR / rapid antigen test or confirmation of vaccination, ie Covid-19.

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