After Eighteen Months of Treatment, Ajdin is finally standing on his Feet

After several years of “battles” of parents and doctors, Ajdin Zigonja, a brave 9 year-old from Zenica, is finally standing on his feet and walking without orthopedic aids

“We want to share the happiness with you, after more than 18 months, our Ajdin walks, thank you for being part of our fight,” said Ajdin’s father Elvis.

“This is a great victory today for all of us, of Ajdin, we as parents and all of you who were selflessly with us and gave us every possible support. Thank you is a little word, but really we mean it from the heart and wish you all the best” , Ajdin’s father Elvis wrote in the description of the last video released on Facebook.

Ajdin was diagnosed with severe spinal cord dissection several years ago, and after a number of humanitarian actions and several operative interventions, money that was needed for his treatment at Acibadem Clinic in Turkey was raised.

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