After 550 Years, the Bosnian Royal Flag again on Bobovac

12782093_1115220028528952_778498611_nThe Bosnian royal flag waived again on the walls of the royal town of Bobovac, the place where the medieval Bosnian rulers reigned from, after 550 years.

It is the result of the initiative launched by the members of Facebook group “Kraljevina Bosna” and informal citizens’ initiative AntiDayton, who made the flag and placed it.

“Our strongest motive, as the citizens of BiH, was the marking of 550th anniversary of the fall of Bobovac and the Kingdom of Bosnia under the Ottoman rule, when out flag was taken off from Bobovac. This town was the place where the Bosnian crown was kept and it was the reigning town of Bosnian rulers from the first half of 14th century until the fall of the Kingdom of Bosnia under the Ottomans’ rule,” said one of the organizers of this campaign, Amir Knežević.

Knežević added that the flag is reconstructed after the flag on the stamp of the King Stjepan Tvrtko I Kotromanić.

Organizers of this campaign believe that this should be an example to the negligent authorities in BiH and institutions responsible for the promotion and preservation of cultural and historical heritage to “start doing their job” on raising awareness about the BiH cultural and historical heritage and retrieving the dignity of BiH.

“This was an opportunity to present this flag to the citizens of BiH for the first time and remind them that they should be proud of the rich heritage of this country that belongs to the citizens of BiH,” Knežević highlighted.

The position of Bobovac and configuration of the terrain enabled defense. Bobovac was military and administrative headquarters of Bosnian kings, along with Kraljeva Sutjeska that had no fortifications and whose significance was more administrative and political.

The Bosnian crown was kept in Bobovac. Also situated in Bobovac was the royal cemetery chapel. It is assumed that the King Stjepan Ostoja ordered the readjustment of the old Bobovac church for this purpose. Three Bosnian kings were buried there: Stjepan Ostoja, Tvrtko II Kotromanić and Stjepan Tomaš Kotromanić.

(Source: pozitivne.info)

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