After 42 Years, the Reconstruction of the Tram Line in Sarajevo



On Monday, the Minister of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton (SC), Adi Kalem, signed the Contract for the reconstruction of the tram line on the section “S” curve – tram stop Marijin-Dvor with Jasmin Besirevic, the representative of the consortium contractor OK BAU d.o.o. Gradacac and Zeljo d.o.o. Konjic, news portal reports.

As it was announced, the contract was signed after the public procurement procedure was opened.

This is the first reconstruction of this part of the tram line after 42 years, for which the SC allocated 583.951 BAM, through the Ministry of Transport.

“Renovation of the tram line from the ”S” curve near the Holiday Hotel to the Marijin-Dvor stop, with a total length of 368.88 meters, means excavation of the line filling to a depth of the upper surface of the existing concrete slab, and an average width of 2.40 meters. In the upper order, there will be replacement of existing rails, transverse gaps, and attachment systems. The existing rails 60Ri1 and 59Ri1 are being replaced with the new ones,” Minister Kalem stated.

He pointed out that the aims of the Government of the SC through this project, as well as the project of reconstruction of the tram line from Marijin-Dvor to Ilidza, are to improve public transport in the Canton.

The deadline for the execution of construction works is 40 days, and it will begin as soon as the supervisory body over the works is appointed, and other administrative preparations are made, Kalem mentioned.

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