After 42 Years: Reconstructed Bistrik Station once again got an Inscription in Cyrillic

Exterior works at the Bistrik railway station in Sarajevo are coming to an end, and the detail that “caught the eye” is the returned Cyrillic inscription, besides the one in Latin. Now, this building looks exactly like it was originally.

Namely, the Cyrillic inscription has been the subject of discussions in past days after the citizens noticed that the name “Bistrik” (old town settlement in Sarajevo) on this building was written only in Latin.

Right after that, the Sarajevo City Administration reacted, so Mayor Benjamina Karic explained that this will not stay like this, since the reconstruction and adaptation of the station envisages an inscription in both Latin and Cyrillic based on the original condition of this facility.

In the field,  journalists found the workers finishing the work on setting up the mold of the Cyrillic inscription, followed by making plaster letters on the facade, painting, and restoring the authentic look.

Accordingly, the inscription in both Cyrillic and Latin will be in three positions, on the south facade of the building, the former platform, as well as on the main station building (tower “A”) on the south and east facades.

As previously announced, the purpose of this project was to restore the authentic appearance of this cult building, and the former railway station and the national monument will now be turned into a museum that will present the rich cultural and historical value of Sarajevo.The renovation began last October during the mandate of former mayor Abdulah Skaka when after 42 years, the idea of a “Bistrik Station” museum began to become a reality, Klix.ba writes.


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