After 42 Years, Bistrik Station in Sarajevo becomes Museum

”This is another historic day for the city of Sarajevo. The Bistrik Station is the only station from the Austro-Hungarian period, it is a cultural and historical building and as such it is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are obliged to restore its representative appearance and proudly present it as a future museum and tourist attraction of the city. I am happy that we are working on projects that will be a place of meeting and new fond memories,” said the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, on the occasion of the official start of work on the renovation, restoration and reconstruction of this national monument.

Thanks to the activities of the city administration led by Skaka, the initiative for the Bistrik station to become a museum immediately after the abolition of the railway, becomes a reality after 42 years.

Sarajevo architect Mufid Garibija said that the Bistrik station was built in the Alpine style, and that it was the most expensive railway ever built in this area.

Its beauty was shown by the director Siba Krvavac in the film “Valter defends Sarajevo” in 1972, where some of the key scenes took place right at and around the Bistrikstation. The City of Sarajevo will restore the authentic appearance of the building, which will open its doors and present its rich cultural and historical value, according to a statement from the Public Relations Department of the City of Sarajevo.

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