After 30 Years, Denis Zvizdic left the Part​y of Democratic Action

Denis Zvizdic officially left the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) after a long period of disagreement with the party leadership.

Zvizdic pointed out that criticism of the SDA is becoming more frequent, and that after several months of appeals that they must return to electoral principles and that party and anyone's personal interests must be subordinated to the general interest and that in municipalities where the SDA lost the elections , decided to leave the party.

"It has become meaningless to participate in the work of both the Collegium and the Presidency of the SDA, because there are a lot of declarative promises, and few concrete moves," Zvizdic pointed out.
As he said, the creative and driving energy in the work of the SDA has disappeared.

"We have started to lose pace with modern, social, political and economic trends, as well as with the current needs of citizens, especially young people," said Zvizdic.

As there were no more radical changes, Zvizdic decided to make official what had been speculated about for months - he returned the membership card after 30 years.

Since 1991, Zvizdic has been, among other things, the president of the SDA Council, then a member of the SDA Main Board and vice-president, and is considered the core of the party. As an SDA official, he held positions from the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton to the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers.

Apart from Zvizdic, dissatisfied with the party's leadership, Elmedin Konakovic, Senad Sepic, Aljosa Campara and Semir Efendic left the SDA earlier.

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