After 27 Years, Railway connects Sarajevo and Bihac again!

July 2, 2018 12:00 PM

After 27 years, the first train connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) capital Sarajevo with Bihac, a city located some 310 kilometers from the capital, departed on Monday.

Reconstruction of the railway was done by the company Step d.o.o.  from Sarajevo, which, according to Director Dzafic, has successfully fulfilled its contractual obligations. Namely, the government of Federation of BiH invested 2.3 million BAM, out of the total investment of 2.8 million BAM.

The drive will take eight hours.

The reconstruction started in 2016, along with the reconstructed stations located in cities of  Bihac, Cazin, Srbljani, Bosanska Krupa and Bosanska Otoka. According to planned schedule train will depart from Sarajevo at 16:00 and will arrive in Bihac at 00:28. From Bihac, the train will depart at 1:57 and will arrive in Sarajevo at 10:28.

“There are also sleeping cabins for one or two persons, and every set will have five sleeping cabins. They will be additionally leased. The price of a cabin for one person is 40 BAM, and for two persons 25 BAM,” said Enis Dzafic, the Director of the Railways of the FBiH.

According to him, the cabins were provided due to the fact that the train on that route, Sarajevo – Bihac, will operate during the night-time hours.

“Cabins are equipped with showers as well,” noted Dzafic.

The ticket price in one direction will be 36,70 KM, while the return one will cost 59,10 KM. Thirty percent discount in price will be made for at least six adult passengers, students, retirees, people over the age of 60, journalists and war veterans. Children aged 4 to 12, blind people and their accompanying persons, and groups of more than 30 passengers will have a 50% discount.


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