After 14 years, SDA is not in the Assembly majority in Srebrenica

December 6, 2012 11:12 AM

The Assembly majority in the Municipality of Srebrenica, where for the first time in fourteen years the SDA political party will not participate, will be formed from the representatives of SNSD, SDS, SDP B&H and SBB B&H. This information was confirmed yesterday by the president of the municipal committees of SNSD Radomir Pavlović, SDS Momčilo Cvjetinović, SDP B&H Hakija Meholjić and SBB B&H Sadmir Nukić.

” The political platform, that will be signed after its verification in the committees of the aforementioned political parties, defines our choices for the new policy that will bring progress to all citizens of Srebrenica, because it will rest on the implementation and realization of the socio-economic policy based on the current resources of this municipality”-said Pavlović

Cvjetinović also emphasized how they already secured 13 or 14 out of the 23 alderman for the Assembly majority.

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