Advice for listening to Music in the Car from Yugoslavia that will make you laugh

yugoAt a time when on the roads of Yugoslavia dominated Golf, Zastava, Lada and Beetle, not everyone was lucky enough to have built in tape recorder, but those who did, they cared about what they were listening. However, tips for listening to music in the car, which were published in a magazine in 1981, will make you laugh.

“There are occasions when the music in the car is welcomed. Music often relieves the monotony, but if music or speech reduce the attention or if driving is too dynamic, than it is better to turn the radio off .”

On the other hand, there was no unanimity opinion on whether to listen to music or not, and here are tips for those who choose to do it, writes Index.hr.

  1. Music that, no joke and exaggeration, cause heart palpitations should definitely be avoided.
  2. It is a bad habit to turn on the radio at the same time as the car.
  3. It is not advisable to listen to music when you move around in city traffic.
  4. Listening to the sounds from the street is part of the participation in the safe traffic.
  5. For auditory types it is better to listen to the sound of your engine than Bijelo Dugme (White Button-famous music band) or sublime Bach’s music.
  6. The sound in the car must not be dominant. If the radio is loud, are we going to hear the sound of police whistles or signal from the railway ramp?
  7. Listen to news and information when the ride is not too dynamic, they break the sense of isolation in the car.
  8. Music is welcomed when in front of you is wide and straight road, the weather is nice, and you have a long way to go.
  9. Be careful with disco music, so you do not dance on the gas pedal to the rhythm of Travolta.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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