Adriatic Sea froze due to very low Temperatures

Siberian coldness, snow and stormy winds froze the sea in the settlement Ivinj in Tisno, and temperature in almost entire Istria and Kvarner is between – 3 ºC and 5 ºC, and the sea also froze along the coast in Porec, Bakar and Povil.

These beautiful scenes, which are not so usual in the Adriatic Sea, can be seen in the photos that were published on the Facebook page “IstraMet2”, which are sent by the users of this social network.

The lowest temperature in Croatia was measured in the locality of Zavizdan, – 21 ºC, while three meters of snow fell in Delnice, in Gorski Kotar.

Snow still complicates the traffic in Lika, Gorski Kotar and certain parts of Dalmatia.

It will continue to be very cold in Croatia in the upcoming days as well, especially in the middle of the week. The cold ice wave that caught the entire Europe already took its first victims.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)




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