Adriatic Metals is looking for more land in Vares

The company Adriatic Metals, which is conducting exploration of ore in Vares, wants to expand its land after some major discoveries.

After a series of very successful test excavations that were started back in 2017, the company collected enough data to justify the request for extension of their existing contract.

According to the original contract, Adriatic got ownership over three fields, two of which are surrounding the excavation of Veovaca, and the third Rupice.

Adriatic believes that there is great potential for expanding the existing area where minerals were found.

To be concrete, the concession on Rupice was expanded to include land that is located north of the site of test explorations in June, when they found 2.1 grams of gold, 158 grams of silver, 2.3 % of copper, 8.6 % of lead, 12.8 % zinc, etc.

The highly mineralized excavation is extended on north, and it represents target for this company, according to the The West Australian.

“The approval of the extension of concession from the Municipality of Vares was based on the meeting of the Council and a broad discussion, which resulted in a unanimous vote. This shows an important demonstration of local support in the Municipality of Vares, which makes us very happy. An expanded concession will allow the use of modern techniques for testing in this very prospective area and it will continue helping the maximum use of the value of the project in Vares, both in short and long term.”


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